Who are Fixed Probate Solicitors?

Death is inevitable but as JK Rowling once quoted in her infamous Harry Potter book series, “Death is but the next great adventure.” Maybe and maybe not. What do we really know? It is one of those things that is very uncertain but one of the things that is certain is that there are people and loved ones left behind. Along with that there are properties, assets and an estate to be distributed according to the will. But what if there is no will? Or what if the private beach front resort that grandma promised you has also been promised to your sibling and to three other cousins? That is where things get sketchy and complicated. Now, this is the time when fixed probate solicitors enter the scene.

estate solicitorNow who are fixed probate solicitors and what do they do? They are officials or individuals who offer legal advice and help to clients. Their services include drafting letters and documents, preparation of the case for trial and negotiation among other things.

They are also those people who have been appointed to witness the writing of a person’s will. So if you do not know how to write one that will be acknowledged by law and in court, they are the professionals to call. At the same time they will also see to it that everything contained in the deceased’s will is executed and that there is fair and rightful distribution of the estate to the right people.

Included in their duties is their responsibility to see to it that the will has been written by the person in a sane, sound and sober state of mind without any threats, harassments or other illegal actions to force him or her to do so.

Apart from the ones already mentioned, they also help settle and negotiate any disputes that are present or will arise among the heir and heirs of the estate. Oftentimes, even the simplest clauses and statements can mean differently to different people and thus cause arguments. This they do by interpreting the will accordingly.

In a similar manner, they also advice people on how to properly write their last will and testament to avoid any ambiguous clauses or statements that could later erupt and cause disputes.

So basically, fixed probate solicitors tackle cases and clients that have any concern regarding estates and inheritance and MHHP Law is one of the reputable firm of probate solicitors in the UK.

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