What to Look for in a Fixed Fee Divorce Attorney

A fixed fee divorce attorney is often the professional of choice by couples who want to divorce and would potentially want to spend less. This is because the fees charged are fixed and does not add up on a per-hour or daily basis. It is also most often used by spouses who want to spend less time in court. In the event that you do need one, what should you look for in such a professional? Below is a brief list of these.

DivorceFirst up is LICENSE QUALIFICATIONS. You need to ensure that the fixed fee divorce attorney you get is licensed to practice in your country. This should be easy as you can simply check with the Bar Association. You can also ask your attorney straight tout regarding this. Other items to ask about to check up on their license to practice is by inquiring on work history or industry memberships. Likewise it is advisable to check client testimonials and feedback.

Second is PREOFESSIONAL INTEGRITY. You need a lawyer to guide you in a legal matter which in this case is a divorce. On that note, checking on your potential lawyer’s track record and history is essential. Be sure that they have not been part of any misconduct that mars their integrity. This also includes the track record and history of the firm they are in if they do work for one.

Third is PRACTICE AND EXPERIENCE. How long have they been doing what they do? How many cases have they already handled? How many are successful? How about those those aren’t? A good lawyer is one honed by time and experience.

Fourth is NEGOTIATION SKILLS. They will be representing you in court so it is but necessary that they not only exude great confidence, charm and with but they too should be able to handle negotiations smoothly. There are things to be settled with the other party such as child support or even the joint properties that have to be dealt with. You would not want someone who crumbles at the negotiation table.

Fifth are COMMUNICATION SKILLS. This is best assessed personally. Most lawyers do have a smooth talk and are good at public speaking. It is rather seldom to find one who isn’t. However fixed fee divorce attorneys have varied styles when it comes to the way they communicate. Do you easily understand the point they are trying to drive? How about the other way around?

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