What Not to Do During Your Fixed Fee Divorce Procedure

Divorce-LawyerWhen a couple grows apart or comes to terms of a separation, a fixed fee divorce procedure is oftentimes sought after by the parties involved. A divorce is first and foremost a legal process that dissolves a marriage and deems it over and done with. Like most things, there are things which one must never do or attempt to do during the said procedure. To keep you informed, we’ve prepared a list below. Read up, learn and better stay away from them.

One: Do it on your own. – You need to get yourself a professional or in this case a divorce attorney. You will find it terribly hard to go on it all by yourself without having all the necessary skills and knowledge to get you through. Plus, there are several laws and legislations that surround it. Without a professional to handle such matters, one is likely to end up making more mistakes.

Two: Act like a brat. – Having gone into a marriage, it would be safe to say that both parties are adults and are of age. You have to act like it no matter how awful the separation is or how bad the marriage has been. You need to take things professionally with a levelled head. Don’t play dirty tricks or tactics to take revenge on your soon to be ex-spouse.

Three: Use your children. – Never ask your kids to relay messages to the other parent as that will only cause stress to the child. Communicate without using them as your messenger. Even if they are a party affected in the divorce, keep them away from the procedures and the stress as much as you can. At the same time do remember that both are still parents to them. That does not stop even when the marriage had been considered dissolved.

Four: Play it easy with the paper. – Just like any other legal proceeding, a fixed fee divorce procedure will require a number of documents and important papers. This does not only pertain to the marriage certificate but also to others that has something to do with the ownership, obligations and responsibilities of the couple. Examples of these would include titles to joint properties, joint bank accounts, business ventures, automobiles, investments and similar others. At the same time, utility bills for water, electricity and phones will also have to be split between the two making document availability a must.

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