What is a Fixed Fee Divorce?

Exactly what is a fixed fee divorce? The answer is quite simple. It is basically getting an attorney or law practitioner who will perform the entire divorce process from step one to the finish line at one single flat rate. You will not have to be charged for hourly rates and a retainer’s fee. Now is it really as practical as it sounds and when do people usually get one?

First and foremost, let’s discuss a few things about divorce. Couples resort and end up in one due to their irreparable marriage. Some of them end up rather bad and with resentments while some take it lighter than most, stay civil and move on with their lives. It can either be a total mess and both parties are left scarred while in some they get out fine although a little scathed. In the end it is all about the separation of a two individuals who once called themselves a couple. There are many reasons why married individuals choose to divorce. To name a few these are adultery, unreasonable behavior, desertion for at least two years, separation for more than five years if not mutual and separation for two years where both parties have mutual consent to divorce.

Here is the fact. If you think that marriage is expensive, separation and divorce is even heavier in the pocket and not to mention to tdivorce lawyershe emotions of not only the husband and wife but also to the people around them specifically their children. Why is it preferred by many?

Both parties need not anymore argue on who is going to shoulder a bigger chunk of the costs. Getting a fixed fee divorce that comes in a flat fee can ease such dilemma. In this way, the expenditures are not piling up and bloating.

The costs can be used for other purposes such as child support. The negotiations about child support can be a tough battle as one party would want to keep it up while the other deems to pull it down. If the costs of the attorney in itself is controlled down, this area can become easier to settle.

Also, this option is suited for the lower and middle class couples who cannot afford to pay a professional at their usual hourly fees.

Is it right for you too? Only you can answer that but if you want to consider things first then you better give a fixed fee divorce attorney a ring for your inquiries.

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