Characteristics of a Reputable Civil Litigation Solicitor

Civil litigations are the so called legal disputes between parties who seek monetary damages or the performance of a certain action instead of a criminal consequence. A civil litigation solicitor or lawyer is what you call the professionals who specialize in this line of work. They represent either of the parties involved during arbitrations, hearings, mediations and trials. Because their work and role is very complex and vital, it is also important that they possess a certain set of characteristics that would make them excel in their professional careers. The following are the notable characteristics of a reputable civil litigation solicitor. Get to know what they are.

  • arbitration hearingKNOWLEDGE OF ONE’S DISCIPLINE – We have been repeatedly told that knowledge is power because it truly is. This is no lie whatsoever. As a civil litigation solicitor, one has to have a wide knowledge regarding laws, procedures and legal processes. In fact education is of key importance here.
  • CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ASSURANCE – As mentioned above, the said profession requires one to represent their clients and therefore requires confidence in oneself. It would be impossible to face a tribunal or a court when one feels anxious and uncertain about his or herself.
  • ORGANIZED AND SYSTEMATIC – The tasks to be done most often than not involves evidences, documents, digital documents and other paper trails. There too are a whole slew of procedures to be done. In order to do everything effectively and efficiently, one has to be very organized and systematic at work.
  • TRUSTWORTHINESS AND HONESTY – Solicitors should also practice honesty at all times. This is a rule for all careers out there. You want your clients, the court and everyone else to trust you and the only way to do that is earn their trust by being honest and trustworthy.
  • STRONG INTERPERSONAL SKILLS – They will be dealing with many people. That includes talking and encountering them over the phone, through the internet (emails) and personally. These individuals should therefore possess charisma, charm and people skills.
  • GOOD NEGOTIATORS – Where possible, a court hearing is best avoided. In order to end a dispute, negotiating is the way to go. Solicitors and lawyers need to be able to put their client’s best interests forward while negotiating terms with the other parties involved.
  • EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Without a good sense of communication both written and oral, the dispute can worsen. Misunderstanding is a bad thing. Civil litigation solicitors therefore need to be at their best when it comes to this.

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