What Not to Do During Your Fixed Fee Divorce Procedure

Divorce-LawyerWhen a couple grows apart or comes to terms of a separation, a fixed fee divorce procedure is oftentimes sought after by the parties involved. A divorce is first and foremost a legal process that dissolves a marriage and deems it over and done with. Like most things, there are things which one must never do or attempt to do during the said procedure. To keep you informed, we’ve prepared a list below. Read up, learn and better stay away from them.

One: Do it on your own. – You need to get yourself a professional or in this case a divorce attorney. You will find it terribly hard to go on it all by yourself without having all the necessary skills and knowledge to get you through. Plus, there are several laws and legislations that surround it. Without a professional to handle such matters, one is likely to end up making more mistakes.

Two: Act like a brat. – Having gone into a marriage, it would be safe to say that both parties are adults and are of age. You have to act like it no matter how awful the separation is or how bad the marriage has been. You need to take things professionally with a levelled head. Don’t play dirty tricks or tactics to take revenge on your soon to be ex-spouse.

Three: Use your children. – Never ask your kids to relay messages to the other parent as that will only cause stress to the child. Communicate without using them as your messenger. Even if they are a party affected in the divorce, keep them away from the procedures and the stress as much as you can. At the same time do remember that both are still parents to them. That does not stop even when the marriage had been considered dissolved.

Four: Play it easy with the paper. – Just like any other legal proceeding, a fixed fee divorce procedure will require a number of documents and important papers. This does not only pertain to the marriage certificate but also to others that has something to do with the ownership, obligations and responsibilities of the couple. Examples of these would include titles to joint properties, joint bank accounts, business ventures, automobiles, investments and similar others. At the same time, utility bills for water, electricity and phones will also have to be split between the two making document availability a must.

Dos and Don’ts When Getting Yourself a Civil Litigation Solicitor

When it comes to legal disputes that involve a case of civil litigation, it is imperative that one should get a really good if not the best civil litigation solicitor in town. And why would you not, right? Allow us then to impart to you a list of do’s and don’ts when getting yourself one.

Do ask around for recommendations. Word of mouth and suggestions can come a really long way. This is especially true if they come from people who have received the service themselves from the professional or firm.

civil litigation londonDon’t rely purely on word of mouth either. At the same time just because someone said that this or that is good doesn’t mean that you should purely base your decision on their opinion. You never really know if someone is simply giving their neighbor a job in which case read the next item.

Do conduct your own background check and research. This should backup the suggestions that you have gathered from friends, family and colleagues. Likewise this is your option should you have no one to ask suggestions from.

Don’t forget to actually ask and do an interview. If you found someone that seemingly meets your requirements then make a call or better yet meet them up and do an interview.

Do get someone who has the experience. This is very crucial as you want a solicitor who has had the ample amount of actual experience to handle cases that fall under civil litigations. There is no place for inexperience here.

Don’t disregard educational training too. Additionally, the education that they have received matters as this sets up the foundation for the individual’s professional expertise later on. Do ask and do not hesitate.

Do ask about their past cases. It is also okay for you to ask regarding their previous cases. Confidentiality is a thing to consider here so you can ask about a more general story on it. Also you can ask them if they have any client who is comfortable to be called up for some opinions and feedback.

Don’t think that cheap is a steal. Lastly, when getting yourself a civil litigation solicitor always remember that the price although matters should not be a big factor in your decision. Quality most often than not comes with a price but that does not mean that it is expensive. Quality equals reasonable affordability.

What to Look for in a Fixed Fee Divorce Attorney

A fixed fee divorce attorney is often the professional of choice by couples who want to divorce and would potentially want to spend less. This is because the fees charged are fixed and does not add up on a per-hour or daily basis. It is also most often used by spouses who want to spend less time in court. In the event that you do need one, what should you look for in such a professional? Below is a brief list of these.

DivorceFirst up is LICENSE QUALIFICATIONS. You need to ensure that the fixed fee divorce attorney you get is licensed to practice in your country. This should be easy as you can simply check with the Bar Association. You can also ask your attorney straight tout regarding this. Other items to ask about to check up on their license to practice is by inquiring on work history or industry memberships. Likewise it is advisable to check client testimonials and feedback.

Second is PREOFESSIONAL INTEGRITY. You need a lawyer to guide you in a legal matter which in this case is a divorce. On that note, checking on your potential lawyer’s track record and history is essential. Be sure that they have not been part of any misconduct that mars their integrity. This also includes the track record and history of the firm they are in if they do work for one.

Third is PRACTICE AND EXPERIENCE. How long have they been doing what they do? How many cases have they already handled? How many are successful? How about those those aren’t? A good lawyer is one honed by time and experience.

Fourth is NEGOTIATION SKILLS. They will be representing you in court so it is but necessary that they not only exude great confidence, charm and with but they too should be able to handle negotiations smoothly. There are things to be settled with the other party such as child support or even the joint properties that have to be dealt with. You would not want someone who crumbles at the negotiation table.

Fifth are COMMUNICATION SKILLS. This is best assessed personally. Most lawyers do have a smooth talk and are good at public speaking. It is rather seldom to find one who isn’t. However fixed fee divorce attorneys have varied styles when it comes to the way they communicate. Do you easily understand the point they are trying to drive? How about the other way around?

Characteristics of a Reputable Civil Litigation Solicitor

Civil litigations are the so called legal disputes between parties who seek monetary damages or the performance of a certain action instead of a criminal consequence. A civil litigation solicitor or lawyer is what you call the professionals who specialize in this line of work. They represent either of the parties involved during arbitrations, hearings, mediations and trials. Because their work and role is very complex and vital, it is also important that they possess a certain set of characteristics that would make them excel in their professional careers. The following are the notable characteristics of a reputable civil litigation solicitor. Get to know what they are.

  • arbitration hearingKNOWLEDGE OF ONE’S DISCIPLINE – We have been repeatedly told that knowledge is power because it truly is. This is no lie whatsoever. As a civil litigation solicitor, one has to have a wide knowledge regarding laws, procedures and legal processes. In fact education is of key importance here.
  • CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ASSURANCE – As mentioned above, the said profession requires one to represent their clients and therefore requires confidence in oneself. It would be impossible to face a tribunal or a court when one feels anxious and uncertain about his or herself.
  • ORGANIZED AND SYSTEMATIC – The tasks to be done most often than not involves evidences, documents, digital documents and other paper trails. There too are a whole slew of procedures to be done. In order to do everything effectively and efficiently, one has to be very organized and systematic at work.
  • TRUSTWORTHINESS AND HONESTY – Solicitors should also practice honesty at all times. This is a rule for all careers out there. You want your clients, the court and everyone else to trust you and the only way to do that is earn their trust by being honest and trustworthy.
  • STRONG INTERPERSONAL SKILLS – They will be dealing with many people. That includes talking and encountering them over the phone, through the internet (emails) and personally. These individuals should therefore possess charisma, charm and people skills.
  • GOOD NEGOTIATORS – Where possible, a court hearing is best avoided. In order to end a dispute, negotiating is the way to go. Solicitors and lawyers need to be able to put their client’s best interests forward while negotiating terms with the other parties involved.
  • EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Without a good sense of communication both written and oral, the dispute can worsen. Misunderstanding is a bad thing. Civil litigation solicitors therefore need to be at their best when it comes to this.

What is a Fixed Fee Divorce?

Exactly what is a fixed fee divorce? The answer is quite simple. It is basically getting an attorney or law practitioner who will perform the entire divorce process from step one to the finish line at one single flat rate. You will not have to be charged for hourly rates and a retainer’s fee. Now is it really as practical as it sounds and when do people usually get one?

First and foremost, let’s discuss a few things about divorce. Couples resort and end up in one due to their irreparable marriage. Some of them end up rather bad and with resentments while some take it lighter than most, stay civil and move on with their lives. It can either be a total mess and both parties are left scarred while in some they get out fine although a little scathed. In the end it is all about the separation of a two individuals who once called themselves a couple. There are many reasons why married individuals choose to divorce. To name a few these are adultery, unreasonable behavior, desertion for at least two years, separation for more than five years if not mutual and separation for two years where both parties have mutual consent to divorce.

Here is the fact. If you think that marriage is expensive, separation and divorce is even heavier in the pocket and not to mention to tdivorce lawyershe emotions of not only the husband and wife but also to the people around them specifically their children. Why is it preferred by many?

Both parties need not anymore argue on who is going to shoulder a bigger chunk of the costs. Getting a fixed fee divorce that comes in a flat fee can ease such dilemma. In this way, the expenditures are not piling up and bloating.

The costs can be used for other purposes such as child support. The negotiations about child support can be a tough battle as one party would want to keep it up while the other deems to pull it down. If the costs of the attorney in itself is controlled down, this area can become easier to settle.

Also, this option is suited for the lower and middle class couples who cannot afford to pay a professional at their usual hourly fees.

Is it right for you too? Only you can answer that but if you want to consider things first then you better give a fixed fee divorce attorney a ring for your inquiries.

Who are Fixed Probate Solicitors?

Death is inevitable but as JK Rowling once quoted in her infamous Harry Potter book series, “Death is but the next great adventure.” Maybe and maybe not. What do we really know? It is one of those things that is very uncertain but one of the things that is certain is that there are people and loved ones left behind. Along with that there are properties, assets and an estate to be distributed according to the will. But what if there is no will? Or what if the private beach front resort that grandma promised you has also been promised to your sibling and to three other cousins? That is where things get sketchy and complicated. Now, this is the time when fixed probate solicitors enter the scene.

estate solicitorNow who are fixed probate solicitors and what do they do? They are officials or individuals who offer legal advice and help to clients. Their services include drafting letters and documents, preparation of the case for trial and negotiation among other things.

They are also those people who have been appointed to witness the writing of a person’s will. So if you do not know how to write one that will be acknowledged by law and in court, they are the professionals to call. At the same time they will also see to it that everything contained in the deceased’s will is executed and that there is fair and rightful distribution of the estate to the right people.

Included in their duties is their responsibility to see to it that the will has been written by the person in a sane, sound and sober state of mind without any threats, harassments or other illegal actions to force him or her to do so.

Apart from the ones already mentioned, they also help settle and negotiate any disputes that are present or will arise among the heir and heirs of the estate. Oftentimes, even the simplest clauses and statements can mean differently to different people and thus cause arguments. This they do by interpreting the will accordingly.

In a similar manner, they also advice people on how to properly write their last will and testament to avoid any ambiguous clauses or statements that could later erupt and cause disputes.

So basically, fixed probate solicitors tackle cases and clients that have any concern regarding estates and inheritance and MHHP Law is one of the reputable firm of probate solicitors in the UK.

Characteristics to Look Out for in Family Law Solicitors

Family law solicitors pertain to individuals and professionals who have gone into in depth education and training in order to gain knowledge in all things related to family law. It is a fact that family disputes and breakups feel awful in themselves and you need someone with the right expertise to resolve issues and avoid them for aggravating or worsening. With that said it is but vital to get a good one when you need one. Here is a list of the characteristics to look out for in reputable family law solicitors. Peel your eyes open so you know who to look for.

family law solicitorsPRACTICALITY IS A MUST BUT EMOTIONS TOO ARE PART OF THE DEAL – You need a solicitor who will advise you and help you achieve the most practical and beneficial outcome but still put into consideration peoples’ feelings and emotions. After all, we are all human and not robots despite whatever disputes may arise. They need to be professional but they also have to have a heart.

THEY SET THEIR GOALS – At the same time even if they empathize, they should never sway from their goals. They need to know what it is the client wants to achieve, how to get there and the best way to get there.

THE NEVER ENDING PURSUIT FOR GROWTH AND IMPROVEMENT – A career like this need not only require a degree or specific amount of education. It also entails the need to constantly upgrade and update one’s skills set and knowledge bag. This is done by either taking up additional units, self-study and reading, attending seminars and participating in industry events.

GOOD COMMUNICATORS AND SPEAKERS – They also have to be able to explain, talk and communicate well, both verbally and in writing. What’s the use of someone with the right know how but lacks in the speaking department or cannot even express themselves and prove their point?

A PASSION FOR THE CRAFT – As what we have been told, if you love your job then you have never worked your entire life. Look for family law solicitors who have the passion for their craft and profession and not those who are there merely for the financial rewards.

HAPPY CLIENTS EQUALS REPUTABLE SOLICITORS – If you want to have a clear indication whether or not the family law solicitor you are about to hire is indeed fit for the job, try to check what their past and present clients have to say. Feedback and testimonial is always a good aspect to take a look at.